Sharman Udyog Pvt. Ltd.

  1. Indigenous Shuttle Looms

    Apr '64

    We introduced indigenous shuttle looms in the industry as early as 1964. With our in-house technology, we were able to serve the growing Indian manufacturing market with new products unheard of at that time.

  2. New facility in Ludhiana

    Jul '69

    In 1969, we increased our production capacity by inaugurating a new facility in the heart of Ludhiana giving us a competitive edge in the competition.

  3. Established Mumbai Office

    Aug '72

    To cater the growing domestic demand, we established our first office in Mumbai and expanded sales operations from there.

  4. Established Delhi Office

    Jun '74

    In June 1974, we established our second sales office in Delhi to cater to the growing domestic demands and expand our operations internationally.

  5. Five Color Shuttle Loom

    Sept '79

    We introduced the first five color shuttle loom in India. This was the turning point in our operations giving us a comfortable edge over any competitors at that time.

  6. Started with Knitted Fabric

    Feb '84

    After completing 20 successful years in the Indian label manufacturing business, the company diversified to include knitted fabrics in our product offerings.

    A dedicated facility was established in Ludhiana to cater to the growing need of knitted fabrics in India and internationally!

  7. Introduction of Shuttle-less Looms

    Sep '85

    We became India’s first organisation to introduce Shuttle-less looms and contribute towards making Ludhiana, the Manchester of India.

    This technology was brought to our factories in Technical Association with our German counterparts and became an instant success with the speed, efficiency and quality.

  8. Setup of Chennai Office

    Mar '87

    To cater to international markets, we expanded in the port city of Chennai.

  9. A new facility in Delhi

    Jan '90

    Up until now the story of Sharman Udyog was being scripted from Ludhiana, Punjab. However to cater to the growing needs of our customers, we needed to shift our base to a more centrally located industrial area from where, we could control operations throughout India.

    What better place than the nation’s capital, Delhi. We expanded our operations in Kundli, right at the cusp of Delhi’s business landscape and setup a mega-factory, the largest label manufacturing facility in Delhi at that time.

  10. Expanded in Tirupur

    Apr '94

    We set up our sales office in Tirupur to cater to the growing knitted garments market in the south.

    This was a strategic decision to increase our reach and serve business across the country.

  11. Moved to Delhi

    Sept '94

    After a successful run of 4 years in Delhi, we decided to move our primary operations completely. The company found to their pleasant surprise that working conditions, clientele improved and even International Buyers appreciated the better approach of the company.

  12. Office in Bengaluru

    Jan '95

    To cater to our growing business, we set up a new sales and marketing office in Bengaluru in 1995.

  13. Added Printing to our portfolio

    Aug '96

    In late summer of 1996, we expanded our product offerings and included printed labels to the mix. The growing demand of new-age printing techniques and the cost efficiency demanded we adapt to the new market changes. After careful consideration, huge investments and a completely new facility under our operations, we opened the gates to Printing of labels and hangtags.

  14. Offline ERP

    Jan '01

    Continuing with the aim to achieve a perfect system, we introduced an offline ERP system as early as 2001. We were among the first companies in the sector to offer our clients up-to-date information about their orders on a phone call.

  15. Expanded Operations in Kundli

    Jun '03

    With the growing demand from the domestic markets, we invested heavily to increase our production capacity four-fold.

    A bold, aggressive vision at the time lead to successful takeover of a majority market share in the domestic market.

  16. A new office for International Markets

    Feb '07

    With our eyes set firmly on the International markets, we invested heavily to create a world-class office space to cater to the needs of the International Markets.

  17. Rigid and Gross Grain Tapes

    Mar '08

    In 2008, we expanded our offerings even further to includeRigid and
    Gross Grain Tapes in the mix.

  18. Investments in Technology

    Aug '10

    To keep up with the latest technological innovations, we started a digital division within the company to assess and bolster the IT infrastructure within the company.

    We built our own digital ERP system from scratch to cater to very specific needs. Now, after 6 years of constant research and development, we’ve been able to offer our clients a seamless experience right from ordering to shipment tracking, all within our own ERP.

  19. Tag Seals

    Mar' 15

    In 2015, we expanded our product offerings to include all types of tag seals.

  20. 30% Increased Capacity

    Sept' 16

    With our bullish approach to business, we have invested in the most modern of technologies from Germany to increase our capacity by 30%.